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#520 Surface PE Protection Tape

Surface PE Protection Tape, Less glue, 0.05 millimeters thickness, 1,250 millimeters width, 200 meters length (Tape can be cut to any size)

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  • Product : #520 Surface PE Protection Tape (Coated Tape)
  • Color : Clear, Dark Blue
  • Thickness : 0.050 millimeters
  • Size : Width 1,250 millimeters, Length 200 meters (Tape can be cut to any size)
  • Carrier/Backing : PE
  • Adhesive : Acrylic (Less Glue)
  • Temperature Resistance : -13 – 70 Degree Celsius
  • Property : See through, Less glue, Firm attached, Easy to peel off, Peel off without stain
  • Suitable for : Name plate, Printing on metal, Shiny plastic, PVC door or window, Aluminum door or window, Protecting surface from scratch

* For special requirement, please contact our customer service via 02-477-0123 or e-mail [email protected]

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